Our Competencies

Advising governments, companies and associations

We work with companies of different sizes (from SMEs to publicly traded companies), governments and associations and support them with their strategic positioning, foreign market entry, or the development of targeted communication strategies. Our clients come from Germany as well as abroad. Pflüger International, for example, assisted governments from the Balkans or the Middle East in the realisation of infrastructure projects, the attraction of investors, or the reorganisation of administrative structures.

Assisting German companies in entering foreign markets

Pflüger International is represented in many regions of the world through subsidiaries, representative offices or strong associates. In this way, we can offer our clients profound knowledge of the respective local markets as well as of the socio-political and cultural environment. Thereby we build on an international network developed over decades, spanning business, politics, academia and diplomacy. Our subsidiary KGE, for example, has decisively helped a Bavarian medium-sized company to become established in the Kurdistan Region of Iraq.

Assisting foreign companies in investing in Germany

We assist foreign companies in their business development in Germany. For this purpose, we produce risk and market analyses, evaluate the legal and political environment and develop as a result – in close cooperation with our clients – business plans and communication strategies. Our clients of the past few years include a group of Central and Eastern European energy companies, an Indian solar company, a globally operating Turkish construction company as well as a California-based IT company.

International commercial mediation

In order to avoid expensive and protracted litigation, an increasing number of companies strive for reaching agreements out of court in cases of international commercial disputes. We employ our negotiation experience, our international presence as well as our knowledge of business, politics and culture of the respective region in order to act as a mediator between involved actors. Hitherto we have completed mediation mandates in Germany, Switzerland, Columbia, Albania, Romania and Iraq.

International development projects

Within our global structures, we provide implementation support for international development projects. Based on our experience of many years on the ground, we can contribute, together with our partners, to the sustainable utilisation of invested funds. On behalf of the German Federal Enterprise for International Cooperation we have, for example, developed structures for the training of young people in various professional categories in the Kurdistan Region of Iraq.

Symposia, conferences and workshops

We regularly organize Symposia, Conferences and Workshops. Further, we organize the monthly Energy Dialogue at the Reichstag, whose goal it is to facilitate a cross-party debate on the energy policy challenges of our time. At the same time, we organize expert roundtables as well as international conferences, which have become fora for exchanges between business, politics and broader society, such as, for example, the Transatlantic Energy Conference which has already taken place seven times.