Pflüger on four continents

Autonomous Region Kurdistan (North Iraq)

In the Autonomous Region Kurdistan (North Iraq) we are active through our subsidiary Kurdish German European Business Alliances (KGE) in Erbil. Together with our strong Kurdish partners and staff, two offices, a storage facility for German products and a logistical infrastructure built over the past few years, we have been successfully representing our clients in the region.

Latin America

Through our subsidiary GLB German Latin Business GmbH and our representative office in Santa Cruz, Bolivia, we work in the emerging markets of the region: Peru, Columbia, Chile, Paraguay and Bolivia. Our experienced local partners are particularly well connected in the energy and infrastructure sectors. We also offer market entry assistance to our clients in Central America and the Caribbean.


We are working hard to assist clients in securing market shares and executing projects in Iran via our subsidiary Kimya LLC. With representative offices in Tehran and Isfahan, we offer clients a wide range of services to develop and manage portfolios in Iran. Under strict observance of current international laws and regulations that still apply to the country, we cover a number of sectors including energy, infrastructure, tourism as well as offer strategic advisory services to private corporations, national governments and international institutions.


We are active in various countries of the Balkan. Together with Roland Berger and the Energy Law Firm Becker Büttner Held we have, for example, successfully advised the Albanian government on strategic and legal aspects of the Trans Adriatic Pipeline (TAP). We are also implementing – in close cooperation with local partners – projects in Kosovo. Friedbert Pflüger is also honorary President of the German-Kosovar Business Association.

Central and Eastern Europe

We also advise our clients on various topics in Central and Eastern Europe. We assist, for example, a German energy company with biomass projects in the Baltic Region and organize energy-symposia there. Since 2012, we have also been advising Central Europe Energy Partners (CEEP), the association of Central European Energy Companies. As mediators, we have arbitrated a business dispute in Romania.

Further Regions

Besides our geographical areas of focus above, we also entertain good relationships to many other regions of the world. Therefore, even outside of our permanent structures, we implement projects in India, Russia, the Gulf Region, Kazakhstan, Turkey and the United States – all places where we have strong local partners who we can coopt for individual mandates.